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Time for a change?

Are you in need of new ideas for decor, arrangement of furniture, choice of new furniture or a renovation. We will be happy to help you.



Interior decorating

Do you find it difficult to arrange the furniture, or is something "missing" to complete you home?


What do we do

Do you need a partner to help you refresh or build your interior design?

We can offer tips and advice to rethink your expression of style or help start a brand new project. Our philosophy is to take the great personality you have already developed around you and to offer another eye to help meet your objectives. Some of the projects we help with are:

Helping a space that looks empty. Hiding the mess. Identifying new storage solutions. Creating a working office space. Refreshing tired rooms. Incorporating your children´s artwork. Adding inherited furniture. Making mixed styles of furniture work. Preparing a home for sale. Displaying cherished and sentimental items in a meaningful way.​

Decor is more than furniture

Paintings, art pieces, colors is often what separates you from other....what makes your home unique



Are you considering selling you home?

Staging is a very useful part of sales strategy. Just as important though is contacting a housing specialist such as Lusaja even before contacting the realestate agent.



Preparing you home for sale or rent.


1.500 kr. 


2.000 kr. - 4.000 kr. 


Refurbishment- primarily with existing interior. Expanded may include sketches and plan of action.


1.500 kr. 


2.000 kr. - 6.000 kr. 


A home should be functional, personal and cozy. Business premises must be aesthetic, functional and reflect the company´s profile.

About Lusaja

My name is Sanne Kvarnstrøm Melgaard and I started the company in 2011.


Interior design as profession was new to me back then, I have however worked with design in my spare time for more than 30 years in which 14 years were in Luxembourg and New York.

I am of the opinion that everybody consciously or unconsciously have their own style and pretty often do not need help. Challenges may occur however and I am here to help you. A fresh look at your furniture will often save you a lot of money.

Om Lusaja
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